Sunday, July 31, 2016

That makes 10!

#5 Porch or Deck
My Dad build this cabin. I remember when the deck was built, about 1967. I was a young child and the stairs were not yet there and we had to step on a metal bucket to get up to the deck. I was so small that my tummy was the height of the deck (while standing on the bucket) and it was hard to get up to the deck. A lot of family portraits were taken on those stairs.
#9 Someone playing with, in, or around water
My puppy dog, Peaty, wading in the Virgin River just outside the town of Orderville. Hard to believe that this little river cuts through Zion National park.
#19 Seasonal cocktail or beverage
Strawberry Daiquiris in our backyard. Cheers! 

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