Sunday, June 29, 2014

Up to five on the Hunt!

I talked my sweetie into going to Wales for the Welsh Days parade yesterday. I knew it was probably my only chance at a parade this summer. I scored not only a parade shot, but also a mascot and a tattoo!  Five out of the 21!!!

#12 Smokey the Bear! Mascot of the Forest Service

# 14 The Miss Ephraim float!

#8 Tattoo
After the parade they held a Strongman competition! It was fun to watch! I chose to use this shot of a tattoo rather than the ones on this young man's calves.


  1. Wow - these are great! I'm so glad to see a parade! Your rural landscape is also beautiful.

  2. I'm finding the tattoo one difficult, great photos!

  3. I like your mascot, that's one of the ones I'm struggling with!

  4. I love Smokey the Bear!!! :-)

  5. Well done, a parade is going to be hard for me as we are in winter down here - your shots are fun!

  6. Great finds for the scavenger hunt! How lucky to get a couple of extras with the parade!

  7. It is winter in my part of the world and a parade is going to be very tricky to find. Nice finds

  8. you had me wondering what the what with the tattoo photo...explanations are a good thing :-)
    and Smokey the Bear was always my hero growing up!